WBE 4430 BALANCER W/ LCD, 230V/1PH/50-60HZ

WBE 4430

Balance it right the first time, every time

  • Superior accuracy and repeatability with Bosch

Get more for your money

  • 5 cone adaptor set standard
  • Light truck cone and spacer standard
  • Quick mounting nut standard
  • Extended 40 mm shaft standard


  • User friendly monitor balancer options at all price points
  • Simple and intuitive high performance Bosch balancing software


  • Laser weight placement indicator eliminates guess work out of weight placement
  • “Easy-Fix” auto-locking weight placement arm for exact weight placement


  • Customizable hot buttons to speed operating time
  • Automatic data entry
  • Touch-and-Go software eliminates the need to make menu selections


Features Standard to all Bosch Wheel Balancers:

  • Advanced diagnostic software to help you identify and fix run out issues.
  • Enhanced multi-colored digital display for simple, easy to read, intuitive operation.
  • Minimize vehicle drift by letting the balancer tell you the optimal location to put each tire to address conicity issues.
  • Intuitive split weight program to easily hide tape weights behind spokes.
  • User programmable customizable hot buttons to perform standard tasks with a single button push.
  • Innovative LED light ring with laser weight placement to illuminate the inside of the wheel and mount weights with precision laser accuracy.