TCE 4295EHC 2-Speed Electric Centerpost Tire Changer with Helper Assembly and Ergonomic Bead Breaker


TCE 4295EHC - Damage-free wheel service made easier and more affordable

Bosch introduces a new innovative tire changer which combines the familiarity of a traditional swing-arm with the versatility of a modern center-post, capable of safely and efficiently handling virtually any wheel combination for both passenger and light truck vehicles.

Center-post Clamping – Robust Center-Post allows for a wide range of application and effortless locking with the innovative “Smart Lock” center locking system.

  • New Smart Lock designed to be quick, precise and easy to use.
  • Safe for Plastic Clad wheel clamping. (When using optional Clad Wheel/Reverse Mount kit)
  • Greatly reduced clamping time compared to external clamping on rim clamp machine.

Larger Clamping Capacity – Maximum wheel capacity of 32" diameter and 15" width (depending on wheel offset).

Increased Rigidity – The new G-Frame Concept provides extreme rigidity which greatly reduces mount/demount flexion virtually eliminating damage to wheels and tire.

2-Speed Rotation – The pedal controlled 2-speed rotation allows for exact torque when needed.

  • Ultimate control during operation.
  • Work faster on average sized tires and delicately on challenging wheel and tire combinations.

Ergonomic Control for Bead Breaking – The hand actuated bead breaker provides the operator with more precise control of the shovel during the bead breaking process.

Helper Assembly – Standard configuration includes independently operated bead press device and dual-height bead rollers for the ultimate combination of assistance when servicing challenging wheel assemblies.

Boost Inflation System – Hand-held bead blaster designed for faster bead seating.