TCE 4275A 28-inch Swing Arm Tire Changer, Air Turntable

TCE 4275A

Bosch Tire Changers Engineered Smart

Bosch introduces a new traditional swing-arm tire changer capable of safely and efficiently handling virtually any wheel combination for both passenger and light truck vehicles.

The TCE4275 is a highly durable swing arm tire changer with a wide range of features designed to provide maximum performance and speed when changing even the most difficult passenger car and light duty truck tires.

The 4275 family of tire changers feature a 2-speed turntable which allows for exact torque when needed, and only requiring a 110V electric circuit. The motor can be reduced to 7 RPM’s for finesse when handling more challenging tires and 15 RPM’s when more speed is required.

When equipped with the special helper arm assembly, the bead press device and bead roller operate independently yielding more control from two points of contact, providing precise control of the operation.