FWA 4652 V

FWA 4652 V – innovative wheel alignment that pays off with quick and precise alignment in three steps:

  • Drive up - Runout compensation can be carried out with total precision by simply driving the vehicle into the correct target position without the need for a lift.
  • Measure - Fast, precise measurement of toe, camber, thrust line, and axle/wheel offset.
  • Done - Measurement results are quickly transmitted to your PC providing technicians with the needed information to correct alignment irregularities. Customers are in and out of the workshop within a minimal amount of time. This reduces customer wait times - minimizing interruptions to customer schedules.

FWA 4652 V is highly precise & reliable with industry leading repeatability. The measurement is based on 3D measurement technology featuring one innovative stereo camera system per wheel achieving a benchmark accuracy of +/- 2 minutes. The high accuracy is assured by the rolling run-out compensation at the beginning of a measurement. Because of the integrated reference system and the pendulums within each sensor head, the measurement results have unrivaled repeatability. The reference system allows for multiple bay configurations including most lift types and pits. With cameras mounted on the lift, the Bosch 3D system does not require telescoping towers to accommodate varying heights for adjustment.

3 Ways to Enter Vehicle Data - Keyboard, VIN Scan, and OBD Interface: All Bosch 3D aligners come standard with VIN & OBD scanners for easy download and access to pertinent vehicle identification data.

12 Camera 3D Technology: Designed to provide accuracy, versatility and ease of use, our enhanced 12 camera 3D aligners offer Bluetooth connectivity allowing repair shops to identify the vehicle quickly via either VIN scanning or through the OBD port.

VIN Barcode Scanning: Robust barcode scanner includes a flexible docking station and Bluetooth to connect to a laptop or PC. The scanner can be placed anywhere in the workshop.

VIN OBD VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface): Small and handy OBD plug that fits any model and transfers the VIN to the vehicle within 2 seconds.

New North American Specification Database: New Target Database that includes 320,000 models. Special add-ons including target data for ultra luxury brands including Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati.

SHIM and EZ SHIM Database: Alignment aids and instructions allowing for adjustment of vehicles that do not have factory adjustments.

User-friendly software with extensive specification database: The vehicle data of the FWA wheel aligner encompasses more than 320,000 vehicles from 80 manufacturers. Through regular updates (optional / DVD or online) the newest data is always available.


Multi-Fit wheel clamp

  • The Multi-Fit clamp available within the FWA 4652 provides a quick and easy solution to measurement to affix measurement heads or targets to a vehicles wheel. The FWA 4652 also includes a torque limiter which helps minimize potential damage to the wheel or tire.
  • The Multi-Fit wheel clamp (clamping size of 13-22“) can be combined with the Multi-Fit expansions 28“, Multi-Fit truck claws and the Multi-Fit special claws and are available as an accessory. (RFT, soft-line).

Multi quick clamp: 

  • The Multi Quick Clamp is compatible with wheel sizes ranging from 13" to 24" eliminating the need for an adapter hole.
  • The Multi Quick Clamp is a self - centering wheel clamp which eliminates the need for a run out compensation. It perfectly fits all rims between 13'' and 24''. With special extensions it also fits wheels up to 26''.
  • The Multi Quick Clamp is the perfect fit for most CCD Wheel Alignment Systems and is included in the scope of delivery of FWA 4310 V S3 and FWA 4437 V S3.


PC Specifications for FWA Devices:

  • CPU: DualCore processor (or better) with 2.4 GHz per Core; Intel Celeron (recommended) or AMD
  • RAM: minimum 2 GB 
  • Hard drive: 64 GB or more; needs ca. 15 GB
  • Optical Drive (only for installation): DVD
  • COM Port: 1 x
  • USB 2.0 Port: Minimum 3 (Dongle, bluetooth stick, wlan stick) 
  • Operating system: XP Professional, Embedded POSReady 2009, Windows 7 Professional / Ultimate (32/64 bit), Embedded POSReady 7 (32/64 bit)