FWA 4437

One-wheel alignment program for cars and light commercial trucks targeting high volume wheel alignment workshops.

Open off the shelf architecture design allows for user enhancements and standard Windows XP Pro functional software. On-screen support and clear instructions from beginning to end. Fast and simple to operate. Three system routines increase the efficiency of the measuring process with choices tailored to user’s needs. Alignment measurements are displayed with an automatic comparison to vehicle specific target data. Wheel run-out not required on most wheels with standard multi clamps. Sensors can effortlessly be calibrated by the user – calibration bar is included.

FWA 4437 8R eight camera CCD technology provides instantaneous 360º reading to ensure accuracy. Drop down front spoiler program automatically reads toe across rear axle when front sensors are blocked.

The new Multi-Quick Clamp attaches to the world's most modern wheels (up to 24") quickly and easily no mar contact. Ensures non-runout induced elimination of time consuming runout compensation procedures on most wheels. Unlike other systems that may offer this feature as an expensive option, Multi-Quick Clamps are standard on all FWA CCD based alignment systems.