BL 8993 High Performance Multi-Speed Combination Machining Center Brake Shop

BL 8993

Bosch Brake Lathes - Faster. Better. Stronger.

Faster: True one pass machining saves you time!

  • Positive rake tooling to get OEM quality finish on a single pass
  • Multi-speed motor options for optimal performance
  • Quick change cutting assembly for lightning fast changeovers

Better: Precision machine shop quality built to last!

  • Huge dovetail way and adjustable gibb design for machine shop accuracy
  • Tapered arbor roller bearings instead of straight bushings that eliminates slop and provides constant pressure to machine slotted rotors and flywheels with ease

Stronger: Solid “Muscle Mass” construction for superior performance!

  • 470 lbs solid metal casting that absorbs vibration for smoother cuts
  • External motor assembly that separates motor vibration from the cutting assembly for smoother cuts